05 Nov - 31 Dec 2004 Kemer

Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Republic of Turkey
Lykian Coast
Gulf of Antalya
Park Kemer Marina +902428141490
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the concrete jetty and with two permanent bow moorings.
TL 370 m (€ 218.-) per month.

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2004 Map

Refuelling with 100 litres of diesel fuel for TL 1.79 m (€ 0.95) per litre from the marina’s convenient fuel berth.

Paying TL 234 m (€ 123.-) per person for temporary residence permits for the Republic of Turkey.

Imbibing the condensed collective wisdom of the multinational yottie community from the Kemer Net on VHF Ch 69 - a “vanity fair” of wannabe cruisers, every morning for free, great fun.

Konni: Subscribing to various “activities” (the number-one buzz word in the Park Kemer Marina) such as choir, belly dancing, tennis classes, concert evenings in Antalya and Sunday hikes.

Matt: Subscribing to Sunday hikes and informal exchange of knowledge about ship maintenance and repair.

Hiking to the mysterious flames of the Chimaera and lunching at a fine trout restaurant in the forests of Olympos National Park behind Kemer.

Climbing through the ruins of Termessos on the mountainside.

Visiting the Roman theatre in Aspendos which was built in 155 CE and is the best-preserved theatre of antiquity in Anatolia, providing seating for 7,000 within its diameter of 96 m, and enjoying an enchanting impromptu performance of the Kemer Marina’s Khorale.

Studying the beautifully carved 2nd-century CE sarcophagus with reliefs of the twelve Labours of Hercules, a Lykian sarcophagus of an unknown dog as well as many other exhibits in the famous Antalya Museum.

Laundering for TL 1.250 (US$ 0.90) per 4-kg load at the DIY laundromat (washer and tumble drier) in the marina.

Reflecting on the many learning opportunities that were hidden in the total of 2,100 nm (with 400 engine hours) in our 2004 cruising year, and preparing SY “Kamu II” for the ride to Israel in 2005.