01 Jan - 02 May 2002 Valletta

Central Mediterranean
Republic of Malta
Malta Island
Msida Marina +35621332800
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the pontoon, two permanent bow moorings.
ML 68.- (€ 163.-) per month.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our marina berth:
N 35° 53.79' E 014° 29.62'

Click here for a summary of this year's travels:
2002 Map

Preparing our ship SY “Kamu II” for the 2002 sailing season: (i) fitting two large solid mahogany lockers into the forepeak, thus creating the desired additional storage space for us, (ii) covering the cockpit benches with teak planks, (iii) building new teak gratings, (iv) painting the deck with two layers of undercoat and two layers of Hempel’s topcoat, and (v) overhauling the double-walled dry exhaust (steam pipes and raiser) of our Perkins 4.236M diesel engine.

Socialising, sharing food, drinks, know-how and spare parts (i) with a group of wintering yotties from many different countries, especially with Ruth and Rene (SY “Svenya”) from Switzerland, Marianne and Christoph (SY “Shamu”) also from Switzerland, the Germans Lisa and Rolf (SY “To Life”), Marilyn and Bill from Canada, Reina and Stan (SY “Aurelia”) from the USA, Ursi and Jan (SY “Dove Star”) from Switzerland/Holland, Lee-Ann and Gary from our suburb Randpark Ridge in South-Africa, Anne and John (SY “Bali Hai”) from Sweden/UK, Joan and Wolfgang with their son Robert from South-Africa/Germany (SY “Protea”) and (ii) with our hospitable Maltese friends Caroline and Chris on their brand-new Bavaria 35, Greta and Anthony (SY “Blue Diamond II”) and Nina and Godfrey on their Bavaria 44.

Joining an active hiking group, consisting of both seafaring/wintering and landlubbing/residential expats (but oddly enough no locals), and exploring on the weekends both the urban and rural sites (and restaurants) of Malta: (i) the city walls of Valletta and Fort Rinella with its 100 ton Armstrong Gun (claimed to be the largest cannon in the world), (ii) the 253-m high Dingli cliffs (the highest cliffs of Malta), (iii) the Marfa Ridge with spectacular views, rock-strewn stairways and paths winding down to terraced fields, hanging off the sheer cliff face, and with Red Tower and White Tower, (iv) the unsolved puzzle of the network of cart ruts at Misrah Ghar il-Kbir, and (v) Mdina, Malta’s well-preserved old capital city where we saw a beautiful set of woodcut prints, The Life of the Virgin by Albrecht Dürer, in the cathedral museum.

Having a wonderful dinner consisting of the most delicious octopus stew together with our Maltese friends Sylvana and Mark at their lovely house in Valletta; many thanks for sharing your secret recipe with us.

Watching the colourful, ticker-tape parade of allegorical floats (presided over by King Carnival and accompanied by marching bands and costumed revellers) of the Maltese Carnival in the streets of Valletta, introduced to Malta by Grand Master Piero de Ponte in 1535 CE and held during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday.

Konni: Taking regularly part in the language classes at the Inlingua Language School +35620102000 in Valletta, polishing her knowledge of French and Italian, and just as regularly rewarding herself at her favourite quayside cafeteria Busy Bee +35621340400 at Msida Creek.

Matt: Exploring the new container freeport of Marsaxlokk on the SE side of Malta, the islands' main cargo terminal, and the nearby old harbour with its bobbing fishing boats.

Enjoying the bird’s eye view over the Grand Harbour from the Upper Barrakka Gardens and looking down with binoculars onto the decks of a variety of international vessels below (super tankers, container ships, helicopter carriers, frigates, destroyers, oil rigs and cruise liners) that were stopping over and berthing in Valletta - and eavesdropping on them with our sensitive Simrad HT 50 handheld VHF radio.