25 Aug - 26 Aug 2002 Pollara

Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Italian Republic
Aeolian Archipelago
Salina Island
Pollara Crater
SY "Kamu II" at anchor.

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2002 Map

Anchoring in the most spectacular anchorage of this sailing season, so far, almost right in the middle of the semi-submerged volcanic crater of Pollara (the last eruption occurred about 13,000 years ago and formed the semi-circular crater; its activity was mainly explosive and produced large pumice deposits) with a dramatic lava cliff backdrop and the view out to the sea just as dramatic, with a craggy faraglione (rock tower) poking up out of the dark sea, and swimming peacefully in a place that was once spewing forth with fire and brimstone.

Hiking along goat paths through orchards, olive groves, vineyards and lonely hamlets in this NW corner of Salina Island and provisioning with local specialties from the villagers in undisclosed quantities: (i) the extra-large salted Salina capers and (ii) the sweet Malvasia island wine.