03 Sep - 07 Sep 2002 Filicudi

Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Italian Republic
Aeolian Archipelago
Filicudi Island
Filicudi Porto
SY "Kamu II" at anchor, off Filicudi Porto.

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2002 Map

Hiking through the typical Mediterranean vegetation with caper bushes, prickly pear trees and vineyards above Filicudi Porto, Filicudi and Pecorini a Mare on the terraced mountainside of Monte Fossa Felci (and forgetting about the rest of the world on this most beautiful island of all the Aeolian Islands).

DM Konni: Scubadiving with her Italian buddies from the Apogon Diving Centre off Capo Graziano.

Matt: Ascending the summit of Mt. Fossa Felci (774 m) via Valle di Chiesa and enjoying the magnificent view over the whole island.