29 May - 09 Jun 2003 Monastir

Central Mediterranean
Republic of Tunisia
Gulf of Hammamet
Mohamed Mrad Marine Service +21673467451
SY "Kamu II" on the hard.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our ship out of the water:
N 35° 46.77' E 010° 50.11'

Click here for a summary of this year's travels:
2003 Map

Hauling out our 43-foot ship SY “Kamu II” and antifouling her with red-brown commercial bottom-paint from Tunisia (Astral Super Ionitox for TD 45.- or € 32.- per 5-litre can) and uneventfully launching her back into the water (paying TD 140.- or € 98.- for the travel lift, out and in, plus bottom wash and two weeks on the hard).

Topping up our 480-litre main tank with 220 litres of cheap diesel fuel for only TD 0.44 (€ 0.30) per litre at the fuel berth situated right opposite of Mohamed Mrad Marine Service +21673467451.