10 Aug - 11 Aug 2003 Ston

Adriatic Sea
Republic of Croatia
Town Jetty
SY "Kamu II" alongside.
KN 80.- (€ 11.-) per night.

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2003 Map

Ploughing the muddy sea bottom in 1.8-m depth of water with our 1.9-m steel keel in the Stonski Canal, without being stoned or driving under the influence.

Exploring the longest fortifications in Europe (the second largest in the world, after the Chinese Wall), the 14th-century CE defensive walls of Ston, a notable feat of medieval architecture, which stretch over 5 km from the town and extend to Little Ston aka Mali Ston, a smaller town on the N side of the PeljeĊĦac isthmus.

Feasting on delicious local (!) seafood in the Taverna Bota +38520754482, a haven for foodies at Mali Ston and afterwards looking up heavy-metal poisoning symptoms in the Ship’s Doctor Book for good measure.