29 Oct - 29 Oct 2003 Errikousa

Mediterranean Sea
Northern Ionian Sea
Hellenic Republic of
Errikousa Island
South Bay between Ak Katergo and Ak Stamoleka
SY "Kamu II" anchoring off.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our anchorage:
N 39° 52.43' E 019° 35.33'

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2003 Map

Logging the sailed distance of about 220 nm in 3 days (an average daily run of about 75 nm) between Dubrovnik and Errikousa Island and meeting a strong southeasterly gale with gusts of over 50 knots of wind and with 5-m high waves between Dubrovnik and Brindisi in the seemingly so peaceful Southern Adriatic. 
“I hate storms, but calms undermine my spirits.”