18 May - 22 May 2004 Garitsas

Mediterranean Sea
Ionian Sea
Hellenic Republic of Greece
Corfu Island
Corfu Town
Ormos Garitsas
Ak Sidhero
SY "Kamu II" at anchor, below the old citadels which the Turks never succeeded in taking from the Venetians.

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2004 Map

Waving goodbye to the beautiful island of Corfu aka Kerkyra, perennially connected to the history of Greece since the Greek mythology, our yottie-friendly and hospitable place for this wintering and where we have met so many friends.

Passing the area of the Naval Battle of Sibota (433 BCE) where the Kerkyrians fought the Corinthian triremes during the Peloponnesian War and in which a total of c. 290 warships participated (c. 150 Corinthian triremes, c. 30 Athenian triremes and c. 110 triremes from Corfu; their crew amounted to c. 58,000 men), according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time, and a nuts-and-bolts test ground for the development and refinement of the trireme, the supreme naval ship for the next several hundred of years.