09 Jun - 10 Jun 2004 Levkas

Mediterranean Sea
Ionian Sea
Hellenic Republic of Greece
Levkas Island
Levkas Town
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the jetty and with one bow anchor in stinking mud.

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2004 Map

Passing through the 20-m wide floating bridge (opposite the 14th-century CE Venetian fortress of Santa Maura) which opens only for a few minutes on every full hour (running on GMT: “Greek Maybe Time”) and right in time turned around on itself thus allowing SY “Kamu II” to uneventfully motor into the N Levkas canal with Gyra (which is one of Levkas’ natural beauties, a narrow strip of white sand, c. 7 km long, which embraces the lagoon on the N side of the island where fish are bred in traditional wicker baskets) on our starboard.

Studying the peculiar earthquake-resistant architecture of Levkas town - which exhibited a remarkably reduced vulnerability to earthquake actions as just seen in the most recent magnitude 6.4 earthquake on 14 August 2003 CE, less than one year ago  - where the buildings have wooden structural frames with brick-fill, the lower floors panelled in wood and the upper floors lined with painted sheet metal or corrugated iron and where the belfries of the churches are mostly made of metal girders.