24 Jul - 26 Jul 2004 Corinth

Mediterranean Sea
Gulf of Corinth
Hellenic Republic of Greece
Yacht Harbour
SY "Kamu II" alongside.

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2004 Map

Paying tribute to the fact that our SY “Kamu II” is a French, 1975 CE model of a Trireme 43, thus focusing on the history of the Greek, classical trireme (it derives its name from its three rows of oars on each side, manned with one man per oar) and visiting ancient Corinth, the place where this fast and agile ship was invented in the 7th century BCE, from where the trireme was introduced to Greece in the late 8th century BCE and subsequently became the dominant warship in the Mediterranean from the 7th to the 4th century BCE, when she was largely superseded by the larger quadrireme and quinquireme.

Climbing up to Acrocorinth (“Upper Corinth”), a 575 m monolithic limestone outcrop that was the finest natural fortification in ancient Greece, where the Corinthians paid homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sex, and visiting the ruins of the temple which was dedicated to her and which employed about thousand sacred prostitutes, both male and female, and where they became so sinful and excessive that the good Greeks coined a new word, korinthiazomai (literally: to act like the Corinthians, figuratively: to fornicate).

Paying the total of € 160.- in canal dues for the only one-hour lasting fun of motoring through the 3.2 nm long and 25 m narrow Corinth Canal (completed in 1893 CE, with steep limestone sides that rise up to 90 m above sea level at the highest point) from the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea.