01 Jan - 03 Jul 2005 Kemer

Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Republic of Turkey
Lykian Coast
Gulf of Antalya
Park Kemer Marina +902428141490
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the concrete jetty and with two permanent bow moorings.
YTL 370.- (US$ 280.-) per month.

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2005 Map

Enjoying the buzzing social life and the many amenities (e.g. excellent ablutions/showers, stylish club house with bar, tennis court, library, movie theatre, well-stocked ship chandlery and diverse workshops [general engineering, diesel engine, stainless steal, electrical, wood]) in this well-managed Turkish tourist marina.

Celebrating the boat women Brita's (SY "Akka"), Hülya's (SY "Blue Belle") and Konni's (SY "Kamu II") triple (!!!) birthday on the 11th of January, munching a giant birthday cake and partying together with many other yotties in the Navigator Yacht Club through the night.

Being delighted by our most lovely number-one daughter Ulrike's and Konni's mother's visit from Germany who had flown together to Kemer to holiday with us for a week.

Entertaining Matt's brother Thomas and his current partner Elke, having a wonderful time together.

Matt: (i) Installing a new 16-nm FURUNO 1620 yacht radar on the mizzen mast of our ketch SY “Kamu II”, (ii) fitting two swivel-mounted 80-W solar panels on each side onto the ship’s rail, (iii) building and connecting a 35-litre stainless-steal day tank on top of the Perkins 4.236M diesel engine, (iv) replacing the ailing 24-V starter motor with a new one and (v) mounting a new 8-mm Perspex windscreen in front of our centre cockpit.

Rambling through ancient Arycanda, an ancient Lykian city, built upon five large terraces ascending a mountain slope, located near the small village of Aykiriçay, and touring the Bey Mountains Coastal National Park (with snow-capped peaks) between Kumluca and Kemer.

Strolling through the labyrinthine streets and the charming old quarters of Kaleici (Old Antalya) which feature restored gracious old Ottoman houses and are sprinkled with Roman ruins (e.g. the Hadrian's Gate aka Triple Gate, constructed in the 2nd century CE by the Romans in honour of the Emperor Hadrian, the third of the so-called Five Good Emperors).

Touring the ancient city of Olympos, situated 90 km SW of Antalya and just inland from a beautiful beach beside the course of a clear stream running through a rocky gorge, where the Olympians worshipped Hephaestus (aka Vulcan), the god of fire, and from where, according to Homer, the god Poseidon looked out to sea and saw Odysseus sailing away from Calypso's island, and called up a great storm that wrecked him on the shores of the island of Nausicaa.

Exploring the ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 7th-century BCE Greek colonies of Xanthos and Letoon with their chequered history of wars and destruction (e.g. in approximately 540 BCE the Lykians destroyed their own Xanthos acropolis, killed their wives, children, and slaves, then proceeded on a suicidal attack against the superior Persian troops).

Wandering through the ghost town of Kayakoy - consisting of 2,000 rundown but still mostly intact Greek-style houses and churches - which had been deserted after WWI and the Turkish War of Independence by its predominantly Anatolian-Greek inhabitants.

Browsing through ancient Perge, founded in around 1000 BCE, which is famous for being the birthplace of Apollonius of Perge (c. 262 BCE - c. 190 BCE), a giant of early Greek mathematics who produced much of the early work on describing a family of curves known as conic sections, comprising the circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola, which - when re-discovered during the Renaissance - enabled Johannes Kepler to work out his laws of planetary motion.

Learning about 13th-century CE Persian poet, jurist, theologian and mystic Celaheddin Rumi, one of the world's great philosophers, in the Mevlana Museum in the Seljuk capital Konya and watching a fascinating sema (a dance and trance inducing ceremony) of the mevlevi tarikat (whirling dervishes).

Exploring the marvellous moonscape of the Cappadocian valleys with their churches hewn out of rock, their fairy chimneys and their eerie underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu.

Completing SY “Kamu II’s” toolbox and buying a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun plus sufficient quantities of bird-shot (for practising) and buck-shot (for self-defence) from a Turkish arms dealer in Antalya for only YTL 250.- (US$ 190.-).

Refilling one of our 9-kg LPG cylinders for 17.50 at the marina.

Bidding goodbye to the many flotilla diesailors who had joined the 16th Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally and feeling somewhat relieved when these wonderfully dressed and proud sailing yachts from 19 different countries were leaving the Park Marina at Kemer ... and overhearing two hours later a “distress” call on VHF Ch 16 from one of these yachts which had, already 12 nm off-shore, caught a plastic bag in its prop and was urgently asking for a diver from the marina - aaagh, shame.