26 Nov - 31 Dec 2006 El Gouna

Northern Red Sea
Strait of Gubal 
El Gouna Resort
Berth C8
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the pier and with two permanent bow moorings.
US$ 200.- per month.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our excellent marina berth:
N 27° 24.45' E 033° 40.54'

Exploring the many amenities of the fully self-contained, privately owned luxury resort town of El Gouna (her motto: “Life as it should be!”) which boasts, among other things, a dozen hotels, an airport, a hospital, an open-air amphitheatre, a golf course, a brewery, a winery, several outdoor shopping malls and the well-managed luxurious Abu Tig Marina where we were moored almost directly stern to a heated swimming pool with a well-stocked bar and a bunch of waiters living up to the term full service.

Visiting Hurghada, Egypt’s most popular resort town where it feels as if half of Eastern and Western Europe (notably Russians and Germans) has flown in on cheap sun-and-sea package holidays with all that that implied: cut-price hotels, tourists in track suits, terrible food, kitschy souvenirs and hard-faced hookers.

Matt: Practising kite-surfing, together with German kite-buddies Dominik and Thomas, off the shallow Buddha beach and Mangroovy beach, north of El Gouna’s Abu Tig Marina, and agreeing entirely with Reinhard Mey: "... fliegen kannst Du nur gegen den Wind..."

Navigating our way through the narrow, twisting canals and waterways of the labyrinthine lagoon of El Gouna with our new inflatable dinghy from Turkey, powered by our ever reliable 4-hp two-stroke Mariner outboarder, and using very unusual “marine waypoints” such as the Sheraton Hotel, the Casino of Kafr El Gouna and the Steigenberger Golf Resort.

Reflecting on the many learning opportunities that were hidden in this year's short cruising autumn of only 750 nm (with lots of motoring - 170 engine hours: Suez Canal, Gulf of Aqaba) and preparing the ship and ourselves for the upcoming cruising year of 2007 CE.

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