28 Jul - 31 Jul 2007 Talla Talla Saqir

Central Red Sea
Republic of the Sudan
Talla Talla Saqir
(i) SY "Kamu II" at anchor, off the east side of the island, at 15 m depth on sand (good holding).
(ii) SY "Kamu II" at anchor, off the north side of the island, at 20 m depth on sand, close to the reef (good holding).

Click below for interactive satellite views of our two anchorages:

Being sandblasted, during the day, by a heavy sand storm aka haboob from the nearby desert and being almost electrocuted, twelve hours later, at night, by a violent electrical storm with 50-knot gusts and heavy downpours.

Applying our tried and tested "active thunderstorm strategy": (i) start the engine, (ii) take up the anchor and/or (iii) put down the sails, (iv) pinpoint the location of the descending lightnings and (v) run away as fast as the engine can - each and every single cable of distance between the lightnings and the ship is important and minimises the probability of an actual strike.

Celebrating the survival of the ship's batteries and electronics with our last bottle of Jordanian red wine and Konni's home-made sardine pâté: (i) mix bread crumbs, finely chopped onion and garlic, salty soya sauce, lemon juice, chillies and mustard, (ii) leave it for one hour and bake bread during the wait, (iii) add one tin of sardines, (iv) add some cheese, canned creme or mayonnaise to make it a pâté and (v) put it on the freshly baked bread.

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