14 Sep - 24 Oct 2008 Ko Phuket

Indian Ocean
Andaman Sea
Kingdom of Thailand aka The Land of Conditional Smiles
Ko Phuket
SY "Kamu II" with her bow to a floating pontoon and with one permanent stern mooring, alongside a short finger pontoon for THB 15,653.- or US$ 466.- per month, wireless internet access included.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our berth at Yacht Haven Marina and for directions:


Exploring the immediate vicinity of our temporary home, the well-managed Yacht Haven Marina +6676206704 info@yacht-haven-phuket.com, visiting the nearby Muslim village of Ban Kor En and the many restaurants a few steps from here and discovering that binging, bolting, brunching, champing, chewing, consuming, devouring, dining, eating, essing, faring, feasting, fressing, gobbling, gorging, gluttonising, gulping, guzzling, lunching, munching, nibbling, noshing, pecking, pigging, scoffing, slurping, smacking, snacking, swallowing, wolfing is one of life’s greatest pleasures in Thailand (among a few other sins) - here we go!

Participating in Phuket’s Vegetarian Festival (jia chai in local Hokkien Chinese dialect, also: Nine Emperor Gods Festival) and watching the street processions where the people along the streets received the blessings of the gods from the Ma Song, or entranced horses, which are devotees whom the gods enter during the fest and who manifest supernatural powers and perform self-tortures in order to shift evil from individuals to themselves, and to bring the community good luck.

Organising together with our American friends Carole & Jim from SY “Nepenthe” a one-day visa run to Kawthoung/Burma in order (a) to replace “skipper” Matt’s Thai marine transit permit with a Thai visit permit and (b) to renew “passenger” Konni’s Thai visit permit (each valid for 30 days): (i) hiring a fast car (THB 1,100.- or US$ 32.80 per day, from Laem Prow Travel's sales office inside the Yacht Haven Marina), (ii) depositing a returnable bond of THB 20,000.- or US$ 595.- in cash at the main immigration office (for “skipper” Matt only) in Phuket town, (iii) scorching the c. 275 km from the marina to the border immigration office at saphaan plaa in the border town of Ranong, (iv) finding and hiring a local long-tail boat (THB 150.- or US$ 4.50 per person) and crossing uneventfully the Kraburi River aka Pak Chan River to Kawthoung, (v) arriving at the Myanmar immigration office and paying US 10.- each (only crisp, brand-new 10-dollar bills are accepted) for our Myanmar tourist visas (valid for two weeks and as useful as a hole in the head), (vi) crossing the Chan River back to the jetty in front of the Thai immigration office and being issued with new Thai visit permits on arrival, free of charge and valid for another 30 days, (vii) dashing thereafter back to the Yacht Haven Marina and passing the time on the road with an exchange of ideas about the still ongoing Global Financial Crisis.

"Gut ist’s ein Narr zu sein
Denn die Unbequemen
Sind den Unbequemen
Stets bequem..."

Reflecting on the challenges, achievements and learning opportunities which we had encountered in this cruising year's total of about 5,100 nm over ground and 435 engine hours.

Reframing our life, seeing anew and changing our travel priorities in the Far East and Canada from sea travel towards land/air travel and thus putting our ever faithful SY “Kamu II” after eight years of 24/7 liveaboard (totalling amongst others: 15,000 nautical miles both sailed and diesailed, 1,780 engine hours under way and at anchor, 4,900 litres of diesel fuel burnt and 90 litres of engine oil used up) on the market for sale; special thanks to Aussie Jim from Lee Brokers +66818913237, to Kraut Moni from Caribbean Yacht Broker and to Israeli Seth for your New-World effectivity (Jim), for your Teutonic efficiency (Moni) and for your Jewish wisdom (Seth).

Selling dirt cheap and very quick our reliable and well-maintained 43-foot steel ketch SY “Kamu II” and wishing her new owners Simone & Ron "Fair Winds and Following Seas" for their planned circumnavigation: SY “Kamu II” over and out; SY “Romone” come in.

Setting up base camp in a private stunning garden villa near the beach of the Andaman Sea with Jacuzzi and swimming pool in Khao Pilai, a relaxed coastal village in the neighbouring Phang Nga Province, and creating together a shared vision for the next five years of our travelling life as independent backpackers.
“How does it feel
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?”
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