07 May - 26 May 2009 Toronto

People's Republic of Canada
Golden Horseshoe 
Toronto M6G 2G5
Tyrrel Avenue 122
Guest room.

Click below for an interactive road map of our number-two grandson's birth place in Toronto:


Konni: Flying with Air Asia X (“Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra long”) in a red Airbus A 340 from Kuala Lumpur (KLIA-LCCT Sepang) to London (Stansted Airport) for MYR 1,024.- or US$ 288.- per person, one-way, all inclusive, and thereafter with Air Canada from London’s Heathrow Airport in a Boeing 767-300 to Toronto/Ontario (Pearson International Airport) for US$ 255.- per person, one-way, all inclusive, relatively near to the Mexican ground zero of a recent outbreak of the American swine flu H1N1 which has become both (i) a hyped-up pandemic, and, as replacement for the world-wide piracy hysteria, (ii) an overblown excuse for politicians to distract their voters from the deepest global economic recession since the Great Depression of 1929 CE, flying almost exactly half-way around the planet, crossing c. 180 meridians (thus adding my share to the XXXL carbon foot print of the up to 500,000 people that are on airplanes at any time), being issued with a 6-month visit permit to Canada on arrival (free of charge - welcome to Canada), and visiting for three weeks our daughter Ulrike, who gave birth on the 5th of May to our second grandson Tien, a healthy, 9.1249 lb or 4.139 kg heavy and 53 cm long great boy - congratulations, Ulrike & Chris.

Konni: Rediscovering a few almost forgotten life skills, like (i) building sand castles/baking sand cakes (with number-one grandson Raoni), and (ii) rocking babies to sleep (with number-two grandson Tien), both being tremendous fun.


Konni: Enjoying the impressive skyline of Downtown Toronto whilst ferrying from Jack Leyton Ferry Terminal near Queens Quay to the Toronto Islands, passing at a smart pace the Clothing Optional Beach Area which was already busy with many winter-hardened Torontonians, thereafter going up to the world-famous Glass Floor and Sky Pod of the 553-m high Canadian National Tower (“Canada’s Wonder of the Modern World”; senior citizen ticket: CDN$ 25.-, return), one of the world’s tallest towers, and taking in the most spectacular views of the magnificent coastline of Lake Ontario, Toronto's Harbourfront and Downtown Toronto on a wonderful and sunny day.
"Many formerly contented South African families have been torn apart by furious arguments over whether it is better to go to Toronto and put up with the weather, Los Angeles and put up with the earthquakes, or Sydney and put up with the Australians."

Konni: Flying with rock-solid Air Canada in a Boeing 767-300 from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport back to London’s Heathrow Airport for US$ 255.- per person, one-way, all-inclusive, and with Air Asia X (“Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra long”) in another signature-red Airbus A 340 from London’s Stansted Airport back to Kuala Lumpur (KLIA-LCCT Sepang) for MYR 1,024.- or US$ 288.- per person, one-way, all-inclusive, and being issued on arrival with my umpteenth 90-day-visit pass for a “social visit” to Malaysia, free of charge; once again selamat pagi, friendly Malaysia.

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