02 Jun - 26 Jun 2009 Khao Pilai

Kingdom of Thailand aka The Land of Conditional Smiles
Phang Nga Province
Ban Khao Pilai
Khao Pilai Bungalows +6676434274 saijaithai2@hotmail.com
Private bungalow with swimming pool in a tropical garden for THB 6,000.- or US$ 175.- per month; electricity and internet access (with agricultural band width) included.
Car (Toyota Hilux for THB 800.- per day) and scooter (THB 200.- per day) hire available.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Khao Pilai Bungalows and for directions:

Wrapping up the previous six months which we spent exploring Kuala Lumpur and the West Malaysian Peninsula, planning our upcoming 4-month long trip to Borneo and relaxing in a well maintained gardenscape which we shared with a great variety of birds (several couples of oriental magpie-robins [Copsychus saularis]; a few greater coucals [Centropus sinensis] perching on clumps of bamboo; a regular white-throated kingfisher [Halcyon smyrnensis] with its loud, ringing, staccato call; a ground-haunting blue-winged pitta [Pitta moluccensis]; plenty of stripe-throated and yellow-vented bulbuls [Pycnonotus finlaysoni et goiavier] and common mynas [Acridotheres tristis]; a glossy black drongo [Dicrurus macrocercus] with its deeply forked long tail; white-bellied yuhinas [Yuhina zantholeuca]; a tiny brown-throated sunbird [Anthreptes malacensis]) - and a big black scorpion.

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Facing Thailand
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