07 Jul - 10 Jul 2009 Bako

Malaysian Borneo
Sarawak aka Land of the Hornbills
Bako National Park +6082248088
Forest Hostel
Adequate dorm bed for MYR 16.- or US$ 4.50 per person per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Forest Hostel in the Bako National Park and for directions:


Hiking like mad through Bako National Park (gazetted in 1957 CE), facing (i) almost impenetrable rainforests, (ii) clear jungle streams, (iii) scenic waterfalls, (iv) abundant wildlife (spotting a harem of proboscis monkeys [Nasalis larvatus] with huge pendulous noses and large pot-bellies, many gangs of long-tailed macaques [Macaca fascicularis], the most fearless monkeys on earth, and a few examplars of the rather docile silvered leaf monkeys [Trachypithecus cristatus]), (v) rare plant life (pitcher plants: carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanism features a deep cavity filled with acidic liquid known as a pitfall trap), (vi) secluded beaches and (vii) bizarre rock formations, thereafter meeting fellow German globetrotter Jens, and Dutch travellers Asunta & Alexander, and exploring (a) the easy Lintang loop trail, (b) the very long Telok Limau trek with the inviting Tajor waterfall and (c) a few shorter forest strolls (the Tanjung Sapi climb with excellent views of Telok Assam, the South China Sea and Santubong, the Telok Paku trail and the Telok Delima trail both located in the cliff forests).
"Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal."

Enjoying a guided night walk through the steamy jungle thus being enchanted by the fireworks display of myriads of fireflies and spotting a variety of nocturnal creatures (we observed, among many thers, a very venomous Wagler’s pit viper [Tropidolaemus wagleri] and identified its distinctive flat, triangular head and the pits on both sides of its head between the eyes and nostrils which are capable of detecting a temperature difference of as little as 0.003 degree Celsius).

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