10 Jul - 12 Jul 2010 Muang Khoua

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos)
Nam Ou Guest House +85688210844
Double room for only LAK 45,000.- or US$ 5.50 per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Nam Ou Guest House in Muang Khoua, which we would recommend:

Chilleering on our guest house’s shady and airy river-view terrace, enjoying the nice view of the Nam Ou River and the boats passing by, waiting for the next suitable downriver boat and sharing travel tales and many bottles of ice-cold Beer Lao (LAK 10,000.- per large bottle) with German fellow travellers Sylvia & Juergen and bikers Frank and Sebastian from France.

Laundering our dirty linen, washed and dried, with a little help from the guest house (LAK 15,000.- or US$ 1.80 per kg).

Teaming up with Frank and Sebastian and buying two seats (LAK 100,000.- or US$ 12.- per person) in the slow boat bound for the downriver town of Nong Khiaw and disembarking after a scenic 5-hour trip at the small riverside village Muang Ngoi which has no road access.

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