12 Feb - 14 Feb 2011 Adam's Peak

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Achinika Holiday Inn +94716058485 achinikainn@sltnet.lk
Adequate double room with a convenient communal terrace for LKR 1,000.- or US$ 9.- per night. Friendly staff.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Achinika Holiday Inn in Dalhousie, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Ascending together with thousands of mostly local pilgrims the 2,243m-high, soaring summit of Adam’s Peak aka Sri Pada, a miniature Matterhorn which stands head and shoulders above the surrounding hills and one of Sri Lanka's most celebrated places of Buddhist pilgrimage, reaching the huddle of religious buildings on top right in time for dawn and, after our legs had turned to jelly, buying a 20-min ayurvedic foot massage with some sticky and smelly "natural oil" for LKR 220.- or US$ 2.- from the Siddhalepa Medicinal House located at the bottom of Adam’s Peak, merely and simply 4,800 steps below the summit.

Taking a local bus from Dalhousie through beautiful tea country back to Hatton (c. 30 km, 1 hour, LKR 55.- or US$ 0.50), noticing the importance of a powerful klaxon as life-saving device for local buses (our driver: "If it is too late to brake, there is still always plenty of time to honk.") and taking thereafter another bus from Hatton to Kandy (c. 70 km, 2 hours, LKR 75.- or US$ 0.70 per person), the crucible of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese cultural traditions.

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