13 Jul - 16 Jul 2011 Johor Bahru

Southeast Asia
Flawed-Democratic Federation of Malaysia
Johor Darul Ta'zim
Johor Bahru
Danga Bay
Clean and modern twin room, with fan, for the pre-booked steal of only MYR 29.15 or US$ 9.55 per night. Friendly and professional staff

Click below for an interactive road map of the Danga Bay Tune Hotel in Johor Bahru, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Exploring the multicultural, bustling (...and spick and span) city centre aka Colonial District of Johor Bahru, 1Malaysia’s second largest city, and visiting Malay, Chinese and Indian religious landmarks: (i) the Victorian Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque with its four minarets that resemble British clock towers, (ii) the atmospheric Roufo Old Chinese Temple, a Chinese temple believed to be built in 1870 CE by a group of Chinese community leaders led by Tan Hiok Nee, a famous local Teochew businessman, and (iii) the freshly painted, rather disneyesque and squeaky-clean Sri Raja Mariamman Hindu Temple.
“By linking something to race or religion, politicians distract Malaysians from the core issue while also garnering support from those whose identities depend heavily on their racial or religious identities - meaning most Malaysians.”
(Brian Yap) 

Strolling through the educational Chinese Heritage Museum +6072249633 (admission: MYR 2.- or US$ 0.70 per person), housed in a lovingly restored four-storey building, learning about the history and culture of the five Chinese dialect groups and their particular main trades in Johor Bahru (Cantonese speaking builders and carpenters, Hainanese speaking cooks and bakers, Hakka speaking doctors and pharmacists, Hokkien speaking plantation workers and farmers and Teochew speaking merchants and traders) and meeting the ghost of Master Siow Ho Phiew, the ex-lion-dancer and lion-head maker who makes up to 500 lion heads annually (they each come with a price tag between MYR 1,800.- and MYR 2,200.-).
“The sacrifices of time and money that Chinese friends will make for one another often go far beyond what is expected or accepted in Western society.”

Taking a flashy and efficient Causeway Link city bus +6072242244 from the brand-new Tune Hotel +60379625888 at Danga Bay to Johor Bahru’s City Square (MYR 1.60 per person) and thereafter a modern Malaysian Railways (KTM) train in second class (MYR 14.- per person) from the spanking new JB Sentral railway station +6072233040 to the town of Kluang, rendezvousing with our close Sabahan/Chinese friends Christina & Liau from Kuala Lumpur and sharing their spacious Toyota Unser 1.8 GLi for the next two weeks and more than 1,200 kilometres, thus exploring together the east coast of West Malaysia with the Malaysian states Johor (“Abode of Dignity”), Pahang (“Land of Grace”) and Terengganu (“Abode of Faith”) off the beaten track; great fun once more, many thanks, Christina & Liau, for consistently being such wonderful and easygoing travel buddies.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” 

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