04 Jan - 06 Jan 2012 Kuala Lumpur

135 Jalan Petaling
Adequate and clean double room with shared bathroom and wifi for MYR 35.- or US$ 11.10 per night. Friendly and competent staff.

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Applying for two 28-day tourist visas for a trip to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar aka Burma (MYR 80.- per person, 2 photos, copy of passport, return ticket) at the chaotic visa service of the Embassy of Myanmar in Kuala Lumpur (from Chinatown: LRT from Pasar Seni to Dato’ Keramat for MYR 2.- per person and hereafter the Rapid KL feeder bus T 330 for MYR 1.- per person) and buying from Jaafar & Feroz +60321411757, our reliable money changer of the past years, a sufficient number of brand-new (the ones with the larger portrait), crisp and clean 50-US$ bills and 100-US$ bills (neither of them being from the generally distrusted 1996 series or from the AB or CB series which might produce a somewhat lower exchange rate in Myanmar), all bills without any creases down the middle, thus preparing for the black market in Yangon where one US dollar buys you around MMK 800.-, fluctuating with the poppy season, whereas the Burmese government’s official bank rate “floats” around a farcical MMK 6.- for US$ 1.-.
“This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movement of small green pieces of paper, which was odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.”

Enjoying Cooler Lumpur’s vibrant city life and relaxing in the spacious landscaped gardens of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre from where the graceful 452-m high Petronas Twin Towers, a 1.9billion-US$ symbol of the new Malaysia, surge up into the sky and noticing the twin towers’ (i) unique floor plan which is based on an eight-sided star that echoes the arabesque patterns of Islamic art, (ii) the five tiers which represent the five pillars of Islam and (iii) the crowning 63-m high masts which resemble the minarets of a mosque.

Taking the modern and comfortable Metrobus Ekspres bus +60320311154 from Kuala Lumpur’s Pekeliling Bus Station to the small town of Jerantut, the gateway to the ballyhooed Taman Negara (180 km, 2 ¾ hours, MYR 16.80 per person).

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