09 Apr - 10 Apr 2012 Meulaboh

Republic of Indonesia
Jalan Singgah Mata II
Losmen Lisa +6285270514579
Clean and modern twin room (no. 10) with good wifi, private bathroom and bak mandi for IDR 100,000.- or US$ 10.95 per night.
Friendly and competent staff. Good English.
Still a beer-free landscape due to the strict enforcement of Sharia law.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Losmen Lisa in Meulaboh, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Exploring the sleepy coastal town of Meulaboh, located just 150 km from the epicentre of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and one of the hardest hit areas by the devastating tsunami, and visiting its impressive Grand Mosque.

Taking the black Cv. Salam minibus from Meulaboh to Tapaktuan (200 km, 5¼ hours on a narrow, winding and scenic coastal road, IDR 50,000.- or US$ 5.45 per person) and travelling through an almost bucolic landscape of rice paddies and palm-oil plantations, dotted with neat little mosques and modest farmhouses, where children happily played and well-fed water buffalos wallowed, stopping only in order to refuel with "eco-friendly biofuel" of the much-loved and popular "Bio Solar" brand (written in green) and tacitly appreciating the fact that the wary marketing managers of the oil industry had carefully avoided the elementary blunder of branding this noble juice as "Orang Power" or "Turbo Ranga"...
"...transnational corporations have been greenwashing their dismal environmental performance by posing as friends of the environment."
(Jed Greer

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