24 Oct - 25 Oct 2012 Kuala Lumpur

Southeast Asia
Flawed-Democratic Federation of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
Tune Hotel +60379625888 enquiry@tunehotels.com
Small and overpriced standard double room for a stiff MYR 103.24 or US$ 32.80 per night (booked over the internet, long ago); very bad value, but this is the only budget hotel near the airport’s LCCT. Friendly enough staff.
Beer: 320-ml cans of cold and non-halal but smooth Anchor Strong Beer (c. 8.8 % alc./vol.) for MYR 7.40 or US$ 2.45 from the 7-Eleven convenience store in front of the Tune Hotel.

Click below for an interactive road map of this Tune Hotel at Kuala Lumpur's Low-cost Carrier Terminal, and for directions:

Enduring our seventh overnight stay between connecting flights within the last three years in the airport’s loved/hated but very conveniently located Tune Hotel, comparing this stay with our previous six overnighters ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]), which were all triggered by the Kuala-Lumpur based airline Air Asia ("Now Everyone Can Fly"), the continent’s largest low-fare/no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia, and preparing our upcoming tours to Yunnan, Hong Kong and Macau, via North Vietnam, the land of world-famous coffee and elaborate travel scams.

“All things are ready, if our mind be so.”

Flying with Air Asia (“Now Everyone Can Fly”) in a well-worn Airbus A 320-200 without incident from Kuala Lumpur’s KLIA-LCCT (Low-Cost Carrier Terminal), incredibly busy and bursting at the seams, to Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport for only US$ 30.80 per person, one way and all inclusive, being issued, uneventfully and within 30 minutes after touch-down, with a one-month single-entry “pre-approved tourist visa on arrival” (arranged through Vietnam Visa Pro for the agent fee of US$ 9.-, paid with our credit card over the internet, plus the actual Vietnamese visa fee aka “stamp fee” of US$ 25.- per person, payable in cash with crisp greenbacks to the airport's immigration guys) and taking thereafter the almost empty red-yellow-white Hanoibus no. 17 (c. 35 km, 1 hour, VND 7,000.- or US$ 0.35 per person, including luggage) from the airport’s convenient bus stop through Hanoi’s compelling blend of Parisian grace and Asian pace straight to Long Bien’s bus terminus near Hanoi’s Old Quarter, a centuries-old commercial chaos, only a short walk away from our hotel.


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