25 Jun - 28 Jun 2002 Aci Trezza

Mediterranean Sea
Southern Ionian Sea
Italian Republic
Aci Trezza
Fishing Harbour
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the jetty and with bow anchor.

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2002 Map

Marvelling at the most spectacular and brilliant fireworks display for St. Giovanni in the fishing harbour right above our mast tops, sails (luckily furled in) and bimini on the first evening of our arrival in Aci Trezza, famous for her three tall, column-shaped islands Isole dei Ciclopi (Islands of the Cyclops) which block the harbour entrance and are - according to local legend - the great stones thrown by the Cyclops at Odysseus.

Reading in the cockpit "The Malavoglia", a book from local author Giovanni Verga which describes the lives of the fishermen of Aci Trezza over 100 years ago, whilst watching the grandsons of their grandsons mending their nets around us.

Visiting the 11th-century CE well-preserved Norman castle in nearby Aci Castello which overlooks the village with its black lava walls and its well-maintained cactus garden.

Leaving SY “Kamu II” in Aci Trezza, taking the local bus via Catania to Nicolosi and Zafferana Etnea and a 4x4 Mercedes Unimog expedition bus up to the crater (because the cable way had just recently been destroyed by a lava avalanche of a mighty flank eruption in 2001 CE) and climbing the final meters with a local guide to the edge of the highest crater of Mt. Etna (about 3,329 m high, though this varies with the summit eruptions) - Europe's largest active, angriest and most popular volcano.