14 May - 01 Jun 2002 Valletta

Central Mediterranean
Republic of Malta
Malta Island
Msida Marina +35621332800
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the pontoon, two permanent bow moorings.
ML 4.50 (€ 11.-) per night.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our marina berth:
N 35° 53.79' E 014° 29.62'

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2002 Map

Enjoying a harbour cruise below the fortifications of both the Marsamxett Harbour and the Grand Harbour (located at the E side of the capital city of Valletta, it has been a harbour since Roman times with several extensive docks and wharves, as well as a cruise liner terminal and a ferry terminal) on a traditional Maltese luzzu, brightly painted in shades of yellow, red, green and blue, with a pair of beautiful eyes on her bow (the modern survival of an ancient Phoenician custom - referred to as the Eye of Horus).

Buying a mid-week package for ML 39.- (€ 95.-) per person from a local tour operator which included: (i) taking off from Valletta with a vintage Mi-8 helicopter, built in Soviet-Russia (evidence: the vibrations and the noise) and tested in Afghanistan (evidence: the bullet holes), and flying from Malta to Gozo along the rocky coast (and back, two days later), (ii) staying for two nights at Hotel Xlendi +35621553719 at Xlendi Bay, (iii) renting a red 1.3-litre Suzuki Swift for 24 hours and exploring Gozo Island with its little villages, temples and churches on our own.

Provisioning with 30 one-litre bottles of Maltese duty-free booze for the coming cruising summer, refuelling our main tank at the bunker barge in Marsamxett Harbour with 170 litres of duty-free diesel fuel for ML 0.22 (€ 0.55) per litre and clearing customs and immigration at the Malta Yachting Centre free of charge and without any hassle.

Motoring uneventfully the 60 nm of our shake-down cruise from Malta to Sicily over the mirror-like Malta Channel and watching many loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) which were paddling in the turquoise-coloured, warm water and were basking in the Mediterranean summer sun.