28 Aug - 31 Aug 2003 Split

Adriatic Sea
Republic of Croatia
ACI Marina Split +38521398599
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the pontoon and with a permanent bow mooring.
KN 275.- (€ 37.-) per night.

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2003 Map

Exploring the city of Split aka Spalato and strolling in a good moon at night through the remains of the Roman emperor Diocletian's (245 – 313 CE) oversized retirement palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an obvious example of the misapplication of public funds for private purposes by any government) with its well preserved main streets (cardo and decumanus) and enriched with some gothic and renaissance buildings which makes a perfect match.

Admiring one of the most defining images of Split (sculpted by Ivan Mestrovic) - the imposing statue of Gregorius of Nin, the 10th-century CE Croatian bishop who fought for the right to use the old Croatian language in liturgical services.

Matt: Rambling through the well-preserved Roman ruins at Solin (Roman: Salona) which was first mentioned in 119 BCE as the centre of the Illyrian tribe.

Taking the rickety public bus from Split to the walled town of Trogir with its wide waterfront promenade that encloses a maze of medieval streets, admiring the sculptures in the Cathedral of St. Lovro, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and taking a walk on the former "Kohl-Genscher Street" (named after the German politicians who had helped Croatia to severe its ties with Yugoslavia/Serbia) which last year was for political reasons renamed as a non-political "Town Street".

Visiting Split's finest art museum, the Mestrovic Gallery, built by Ivan Mestrovic as his personal residence in 1931-39 CE, as well as the nearby Kastelet that houses Mestrovic's powerful Life of Christ cycle of wood reliefs.

Refuelling with 200 litres of diesel fuel for KN 5.04 (€ 0.68) per litre from the fuel berth in the ACI Marina in Split and for obvious reasons relabeling ACI as acronym for “arrogant, cheating and imbecile”.