11 Sep - 12 Sep 2003 Unije

Adriatic Sea
Republic of Croatia
Unije Island
Uvala Maracol
SY "Kamu II" tied up to a mooring buoy.
KN 80.- (€ 11.-) per night.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our anchorage:
N 44° 38.80' E 014° 15.18'

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2003 Map

Taking the brunt of gusts with up to 55 knots in a hailstorm, whilst being tied to a strong municipality-owned mooring buoy at Uvala Maracol, and realising that this year’s autumn has eventually arrived.

Crossing under engine against steep and short waves the 20 nm wide Gulf of Kvarner, which separates the Istrian peninsula from the N Croatian seacoast and which is notable for its depth.