16 Aug - 22 Aug 2005 Alici Burnu

Eastern Mediterranean
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Alici Burnu
SY "Kamu II" at anchor, on a sandy spot in-between anchor-catching rock plates.

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2005 Map

Crossing the expensive meridian of E 034° which allegedly separates the boys from the men - according to the yacht-insurance industry who is asking for higher premiums E of this “demarcation line”.

Meeting again the French yotties Patricia & Jean-Claude from SY "Tololea" whom we had met before in Tunisia and in Turkey and having together a delicious cockpit supper.

Partying with Cypriot friends Nalam & Alper at their beach bungalow, drinking delicious local wine and feasting on Alper's special octopus stew.

Konni: Swimming together with curious common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) who came very close to our anchorage.