26 Aug - 28 Aug 2006 Port Said

Eastern Mediterranean
Sinai Peninsula
Port Fouad Yacht Centre
SY "Kamu II" at bow anchor in sticky and stinky Egyptian mud, alongside a motor yacht. Heavy wash from the canal traffic. US$ 13.50 per night. 

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our wobbly harbour berth:

Logging the uneventfully sailed distance of about 130 nm between Ashkelon/Asia and Port Said/Africa in about 36 hours thus for the very first time ever approaching the continent of Africa with our in South-Africa registered sailing yacht.

Bidding farewell to the Mediterranean, our cruising ground of the previous 5 years, and entering the 105-nm long, single-lane Suez Canal (with passing places in Ballah By-Pass and in the Great Bitter Lake), our one-way road to the Red Sea and to the Indian Ocean.

Marvelling at Port Said’s waterfront architecture with its famous landmark, the Suez Canal Authority building.

Shelling out the total of US$ 478.- (US$ 210.- canal dues for the never measured 30 tons of Suez Canal Gross Tonnage of SY “Kamu II”; US$ 128.- port authority fees, which included quarantine, immigration, customs, insurance, explosives and drugs check; US$ 40.- port clearance; US$ 100.- agency fees) to the Felix Maritime Agency +20663333132 for a transit passage (from Port Said via Port Suez to Aqaba/Jordan - no visas for Egypt necessary for us). 

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2006 Map Konni & Matt 

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