29 Aug - 30 Aug 2006 Port Suez

Northern Red Sea
Gulf of Suez
Port Suez aka Port Tewfik
Suez Canal Authority Yacht and Rowing Club
SY "Kamu II" alongside the short jetty, at 2 m depth (during low tide).
US$ 14.- per night.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our shallow harbour berth:

Motoring uneventfully the second leg, about 56 nm, between Ismailia and Port Suez at an average cruising speed of 6 knots with the professional assistance of Suez Canal pilot no. 2, a Mr. Khalid, who did all the Arabic talking on the VHF radio with the pilot stations, gave us valuable navigational advice, told us about his family, never pressed for baksheesh or wanted to use the heads or to go down below, and who, taken as a whole, behaved very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous - US$ 15.- baksheesh as a well-earned tip were gratefully given and gratefully received (the bonus of US$ 5.- was for his extra help when we had to anchor in the Great Bitter Lake and arrived at Port Suez after dusk only due to a traffic jam caused by one of the super tankers in the southbound convoy which we were not allowed to overtake).

Refuelling 150 litres of murky diesel fuel for US$ 0.40 per litre, delivered to SY “Kamu II” by the club factotum Karkar in jerry cans from the local petrol station.

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