16 Mar - 16 Jun 2007 El Gouna

Northern Red Sea
Strait of Gubal
El Gouna Resort
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the concrete pier (berth C3) and with two permanent bow moorings, for US$ 252.- per month; plus a pricey US$ 70.- per month for 24/7 wireless internet access.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our fully protected and serviced marina berth:
N 27° 24.45' E 033° 40.54' 

Touring the must-see sights of Upper Egypt by public transport and visiting (i) both Luxor’s west bank of the Nile river with its famous (a) Valley of the Kings, (b) Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir al-Bahri where in November 1997 six Islamist terrorists, armed with machine guns, massacred 62 innocent tourists in cold blood, (c) Tombs of the Nobles, (d) Temple of Ramses II. and (e) Medinet Habu, and the east bank with the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak, famous for its stone papyrus forest in the great hypostyle hall, (ii) Aswan, Egypt’s southernmost city, the gateway to Africa and the now inundated Land of Nubia, with the romantic and majestic temple complex of Isis on the Island of Philae, and (iii) Abu Simbel near the Sudanese border with the rock-cut Great Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor, dedicated to Ramses II’s beloved and sexy wife, Queen Nefertari.

Matt: Refuelling with 130 litres of "official" diesel fuel for US$ 0.33 per litre, delivered to our SY "Kamu II" by the helpful marina staff, buying an additional 120 litres of "inofficial" diesel fuel for as little as EGP 0.75 or US$ 0.13 per litre from the local fuel station in Hurghada (smuggled into the marina with the help of our close friend Ralf), stocking up with 15 litres of unleaded gasoline for EGP 1.40 or US$ 0.25 per litre from the local fuel station in El Gouna, and refilling one of our two 9-kg LPG cylinders for EGP 107.- or US$ 18.50 in the Abu Tig Marina.

Laundering for US$ 8.- per 6-kg load at the marina laundry (washed, dried, pressed and delivered to the ship).

DM Konni: Investing the amount of € 2,000.- in a new portable Coltri-Sub MCH-6/SH petrol-engine driven dive compressor with a charging rate of 100l/min (driven by a 165-ccm Honda petrol engine).

DM Konni: Donning my scuba gear, finding great pleasure in visiting the wonderful corals and the teeming marine life in the well-preserved reefs of the Strait of Gubal (my favourite dive spots: Shab Abu Nuhas, Shab al-Erg, Umm Qamar) and exploring the stunning wrecks of (i) MV “Rosalie Moeller” in a depth of 37 m and (ii) HMS “Thistlegorm” in a depth of 31 m (the latter was bombed in WWII and rediscovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1955 CE).
"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."

DM Konni: Flying with Condor ("Born to Fly") in an Airbus A 320 from Hurghada/Egypt to Leipzig/Germany for € 428.-, return and all inclusive, and visiting my mother in Halle/Germany.
“It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on earth has ever produced the expression, 'As pretty as an airport.'”

Socialising with a bunch of wintering yotties and having a very good time together with Nicole & Jean from SY "Reskebil", Monique & David from SY “Pandora”, Siggi & Juergen from SY “Petit Prince”, Philly, Tedd and their children from SY “Kari”, Joy & Jim from SY “Kelaerin”, Elly & Per from SY “Sybaris”, Petra & Peter from SY “Pepe”, Lorie & Fred from SY “Kind of Blue”, Chad & Gerry from SY “Pisces”, Massimo from SY “Io&Te”, Manni from SY “The Big Easy”, Tony from MV “Lady Coppelia”, Jacques from SY “Miss Cat”, and with the welcoming and helpful teams of expats and locals: Jana & Ralf, Yen & Ekkehard, Ulrike & Christoph, Natalie & Robert, Grit & Tom, Anna & Per, Rykke & Islam, Andrea & Phil, Isabel & Eric and many others; big hug for your excellent company and your support, and fair winds to you, always!

“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit.” 

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