17 Jun - 19 Jun 2007 Port Ghalib

Northern Red Sea
Marsa Mubarak
Port Ghalib
Coral Beach Diving Hotel
SY "Kamu II" alongside the hotel jetty, at 3 m depth.
US$ 20.- per night (including unlimited potable water).

Click below for an interactive satellite view of our marina berth:
N 25° 31.75' E 034° 38.17'


Sailing together with our good friend and local pilot Ralf uneventfully and safely the 140 nm long first downwind leg of our journey through the Red Sea; many thanks to Ralf for his wonderful camaraderie and his excellent and detailed knowledge of all those treacherous wanderriffe (“moving reefs”) in the area.

Clearing out of Egypt and paying the official departure fee of US$ 0.35 per person plus a US$ 40.- “processing fee for international departures” - meaning the payment for the overpriced taxi ride the immigration and customs officials took to get from the nearby international airport to SY “Kamu II” at Port Ghalib.

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