22 May - 24 May 2010 Kg. Chhnang

Kingdom of Cambodia
Kompong Chhnang
Sokha Guest House +85526988632
Adequate twin room for only KHR 21,000.- or US$ 4.95 per night.
Friendly staff.

Click below for an interactive road map of Sokha's Guest House in Kompong Chhnang, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Exploring the leafy town centre of Kompong Chhnang with its Buddhist Wat Yeay Tep temple and the town's two busy signature markets, (i) the bustling central market aka Psar Leu and (ii) the low-key lower market aka Psar Krom, and having quite a number of pleasant encounters with incredibly open-minded, friendly and curious Khmer people: from true-hearted market women (lekker Khmer rice-noodle soup aka num pachok for only KHR 1,000.- per bowl) to a clever start-up beer importer (ice-cold Vietnamese beer for KHR 2,000.- or US$ -.48 per can) on to gangs of friendly school children who politely wanted to practise their language skills on us.
"Whereas the tourist generally hurries back home at the end of a few weeks or months, the traveler belonging no more to one place than to the next, moves slowly over periods of years, from one part of the earth to another. Indeed, he would have found it difficult to tell, among the many places he had lived, precisely where it was he had felt most at home..."

Teaming up with French fellow traveller Christine, chartering together a narrow wooden skiff (US$ 10.- for the 2-hour long tour) and cruising at a leisurely pace the maze of moored rafts and anchored house-boats at two different floating water villages (the ethnic Vietnamese, Buddhist village of Phoum Kandal, and the ethnic Cham, Muslim village of Chong Kos) on the Tonlé Sap River, an aquapolis where everything floats: (i) the dwelling houses with their verandas, (ii) the veggie and fruit vendors, (iii) the primitive workshops, (iv) a fuelling station and (v) even the village mosque is kept from sinking by old boat hulls, plastic barrels and bunches of bamboo.

"All water is holy water."

Taking the air-con Sorya Transport Company bus from Kompong Chhnang to Battambang (c. 210 km, 5 1/4 hours, KHR 20,000.- or US$ 4.70 per person), Cambodia’s second largest city.

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