03 May - 05 May 2010 Trat

Kingdom of Thailand aka The Land of Conditional Smiles
Orchid Guest House +6639530474 orchidguesthouse@gmail.com
Clean and comfortable double room with wifi for only THB 180.- or US$ 5.55 per night. Friendly staff.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Orchid Guest House in Trat, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Travelling our taste buds and exploring the incredible diversity of food vendor carts aka rót khěn at the very genuine and atmospheric night market in Trat, one of the most mouth-watering night markets in Thailand, so far.

Buying, to be on the safe side, for only THB 80.- or US$ 2.50 a small bottle of Trat’s famous and supposedly ultra potent Somthawin Yellow Oil aka náam-man lĕuang, a miraculous cure for everything and anything (e.g. dizziness, faintness and even sea sickness [!]), produced by a clever local lady, Mae Ang-Ki, who uses a secret pharmaceutical recipe that has been handed down through her Sino-Thai family for generations (“Keep Somthawin Yellow Oil with you for all time use, particularly for elders and travellers!”).

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Taking a shared săwngthăew (Question: “How many people can you fit into a săwngthăew?” - Answer: “One more!”) from downtown Trat along the sliver of land that runs down along the coast bordering Cambodia to the Thai border check point at Hat Lek (92 km, 4 1/2 hours, THB 100.- or US$ 3.10 per person), leaving the Kingdom of Thailand through its back door, crossing on foot uneventfully the border and hiring a seen-better-days private taxi from the Cambodian border check point at Cham Yeam to Koh Kong’s CBD (c. 10 km, 1/4 hour, THB 200.- for the ride, plus THB 44.- bridge toll) - welcome to Cambodia’s rugged Wild Southwest: “Chumreap suor”.

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