23 Apr - 25 Apr 2011 Tiruchirapalli

South Asia
Republic of Incredible India, the world's biggest democrazy
Tamil Nadu
Tiruchirapalli aka Trichy
Hotel Arun +914312415021
Large a/c double room with private balcony and private bathroom for INR 660.- or US$ 15.- per night. Indifferent but very professional staff.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Hotel Arun in Tiruchirapalli and for directions:
N 10° 47.79' E 078° 41.01'

Visiting the 72-m tall, 13-tiered beautiful gopura of the illustrious Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, located on a 600-acre island c. 7 km north of Trichy proper and surrounded by the waters of the Cauvery River on one side and its tributary Kollidam River on the other side, one of the district’s most important pilgrim centres and one of the most revered Vishnu shrines in South India.

Meeting the good Dr. R. Santhanam, a friendly and seemingly experienced Reiki Grand Master, at his hospitable house in Srirangam, learning about chakras and being diagnosed by his sensitive palms as physically healthy and psychologically sound (boy, oh boy, if he only knew…), but learning later from the the Sceptic's Dictionary that "... reiki works as well as any other placebo medicine ... it works primarily by the power of suggestion and classical conditioning, both of which can bring about physiological changes in the believer or the open-minded skeptic who knows little about placebo energy medicine ... reiki, however, will have no effect on someone who thinks the reiki ritual is superstitious showmanship ...".

Exploring the Old City of Tiruchirapalli on Easter Sunday, climbing up the 83-m high Rock Fort which looms incongruously above the bazaars and is topped by the 17th-century CE Ganesh Temple and enjoying panoramic views of the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple to the north, its gopura rising from a sea of palm trees, and the cubic concrete sprawl of central Trichy to the south.

Taking the Southern Indian Railway’s express train, in “general class” for only INR 22.- or US$ 0.50 per person from Tiruchirapalli through the plains between the Shevaroy and Palani hills, Tamil Nadu’s rice bowl, to Thanjavur aka Tanjore, one of the busiest commercial towns in the Cauvery Delta.

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