25 Apr - 27 Apr 2011 Thanjavur

South Asia
Republic of Incredible India, the world's biggest democrazy
Tamil Nadu
Hotel Valli +914362231584 arasu_tnj@rediffmail.com
Clean double room for INR 441.- or US$ 10.- per night. Friendly and helpful staff.
Beer: 650-ml bottles of cold enough Kingfisher Premium Lager (5 % alc./vol.) for INR 100.- or US$ 2.20 per large bottle, wrapped with newspaper and well hidden under our table, wisely provided and thoroughly concealed by the ever-so-helpful staff of the unlicensed hotel restaurant.

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Touring the breathtaking 11th-century CE Brihadishwara Temple aka Big Temple, a very tall UNESCO World Heritage Site and Tamil Nadu’s most awesome Chola monument, whose 65-m high tower, a testimony to the engineering skills of the Cholas, dominates Thanjavur’s skyline and whose colossal 4-m high mahalingam, a gigantic stone phallus, dominates the sexual phantasies of many Indian devotees.

Exploring the walled old city of Thanjavur, the capital city of the mighty Chola Empire between the 9th and the 13th century CE when it was at the height of its glory and stretched from the islands of the Maldives in the south to as far north as the banks of the Godavari River in Telangana, visiting the rather uninspiring Royal Palace and the much more interesting, very lively vegetable market right below the palace’s tall northern fortification walls.

Taking a T.N.S.T.C. (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) express bus from Thanjavur through the flat landscape of the Cauvery Delta, an intensely green world of paddy fields cut by more than 30 major rivers, canals, dams, dykes and rivulets, which has been intensively farmed since ancient times, to Chidambaram (110 km, 4 hours, INR 41.- or US$ 0.95 per person).

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