13 Aug - 14 Aug 2012 Uvgun Khiid

East Asia
Central Mongolia
Orkhon Valley
Khugnu Khan Mountains
Uvgun Khiid
Erdene Uvgun Camp +97699272873 bayasaa_mon@yahoo.com
Traditional Mongolian ger aka yurt (felt-lined cylindrical tent) for MNT 20,000.- or US$ 14.70 per night.

Click below for an interactive road map of the Erdene Uvgun Camp, which we would recommend, and for directions:

Driving through the vast, picturesque steppe landscape of Central Mongolia, spotting hundreds of beautiful herds of still breathing, walking and frolicking beef, veal, mutton, chevon and horsemeat, meeting hospitable nomadic horse breeders in their ger, the traditional Mongolian felt-lined round tents, and tasting (i) various blends and cultivars of airag aka kumis, the famous fermented horse milk with a mild alcohol content, and (ii) a variety of horse, cow and camel cheeses of different stages of ripeness.

Stumbling across the bleached skulls of animals that had not survived the winter: in the worst times, when temperatures fall to below minus 40 centigrade, livestock in Mongolia sometimes freeze to death in a standing position; the herders then tramp through the snow and gather the bodies together into a miserable heap.

Visiting the atmospheric 16th-century CE Buddhist Uvgun Khiid monastery, hidden in the Khugnu Khan Mountains, which was built by the medieval religious figure Zanabazar and served during its peak up to 1,000 monks.

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