19 Aug - 20 Aug 2012 Erlian

East Asia
Erlian aka Erenhot City
Yuan Shun Hotel +864797532222
Clean and modern twin room with private bathroom and wifi for a discounted CNY 100.- or US$ 15.70 per night. 15% discount for members of the Konni & Matt Travel Blog.

Click below for an interactive satellite view of the Yuan Shun Hotel in Erlian, which we would recommend, and for directions:
Note the random 0 - 500 m misalignment between Google’s maps and satellite views of the motherland, courtesy of the paranoid Chinese Communist Party.

Wrapping up our extended "visa-run" into rugged, post-communist Mongolia, a hydrophobic country in limbo which has been shaped visibly by lost years of pointless experimenting with command economy and Marxist-Leninist nonsense, planning our upcoming second tour to Red China and exploring, together with fellow travellers and cyclists Maxx and Raphael from Germany, the hustle and bustle of Erlian, a bizarre Chinese border town where every building looks new but everything is already crumbling.

Taking the fast and convenient Bingyun Luxury Express Bus +8613134997325 (gazing out over the epic grasslands of Inner Mongolia for 520 km, 7 hours long, for CNY 120.- or US$ 19.- per person) from Erlian’s well-organised bus station to one of Datong’s bus stops, situated right next to the railway station aka Datong zhànand, thereafter, flagging down one of the efficient and cheap Datong taxis (only CNY 10.- or US$ 1.60 for the ride) straight to the Qīngnián Lǚshè Youth Hostel +863522427766 located right in the heart of Datong’s partly reconstructed ancient city.

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