05 Sep - 07 Sep 2014 Toronto

Vegetarianism in Canada...
Feeding our mouth's mind, visiting Toronto's 30th annual Veg Food Fest 2014, the biggest food festival in North America, and enjoying tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes, interesting cooking demonstrations and the spiritual exchange of ideas with other vegetarians about (i) animal welfare and animal rights, (ii) healthy living and (iii) the protection of our natural environment.

“I wouldn't touch a hot dog unless you put a condom on it! You realize that the job of a hot dog is to use parts of the animal that the Chinese can't figure out how to make into a belt?"
Meeting young and old animal rights activists from all over Ontario ("Yours to Discover"), learning new and shocking facts about the negative side effects (animal abuse, health risks, harm to the environment) of intensive factory farming on land and in the water and deciding to stop eating fish and seafood: ovo-lacto vegetarianism and pescetarianism, over and out; consistent veganism come in!
"It's time to give up the quaint relic that is vegetarianism, and take the first and most essential step in combating a system that treats animals not as creatures who can feel and love and think, but instead as mere engines for the production of profit. It is time to take that step and go vegan."

"Do you know why most survivors of the holocaust are vegan?
It's because they know what it's like to be treated like an animal..."

Snacking on mouthwatering, veggielicious and tofulicious delicacies from a few of the over 130 food vendors and vegetarian restaurants at the Veg Food Fest, organised by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, and discovering many new vegan recipies and plant-based cooking ideas (e.g. about the health benefits of Styrian pumpkin-seed oil, about the subtleties of Canadian home sprouting and about the multifariousness of international vegan food, thank you, Ernie, Tony and Kristen).

Discussing with other environmental activists that becoming a minimalistic vegan or vegetarian (environmental vegetarianism) is one of the most important and effective actions one can take to help stop global warming, conserve natural resources, prevent water and air pollution, and save species from extinction; in our opinion, probably a better choice than being an overweight and consumerist carnivore who silences her or his bad conscience by participating in Green-political mass rallies, ideologised conservation campaigns, media-hyped protest marches or any other planet-saving pomp...
"If you want to change the world, you must first change the country in which you live; if you want to change your country, you must change the village where you live; if you want to change your village, you must change your family; if you want to change your family, you must change yourself."

Wie Ihr wisst, ernaehren wir uns seit vielen Jahren voellig fleischlos, wenn man von der gelegentlichen Fliege im Bier einmal absieht. Cheers, so schmeckt es uns am besten. Manchmal hoeren wir dann von den (haeufig uebergewichtigen) Fleischfressern, dass der Verzicht auf Fleisch sehr ungesund oder sogar gefaehrlich sei; Proteinmangel, Vitaminmangel und Mineralstoffmangel werden gern genannt. Wir lassen uns aber nicht durch die Mangel ziehen: Die Hunde bellen und die Karawane zieht weiter. Sehr gern setzen wir unser "Experiment" als Veganer fort, verzichten weiterhin auf Fleisch, Fisch, Milch, Kaese und Eier ebenso wie auf alle kuenstlichen Zusaetze (sogenannte health or nutritional supplements) und geniessen natuerliche und zuckerfreie Gemuese-, Obst- und Tofuleckereien. Dabei spielt Rohkost (raw food) eine immer groessere Rolle, so wie wir es von unseren Vorbildern (role models), den Orang-Utans auf Borneo, Kalimantan und Sumatra gelernt haben. - Welche interessanten Zutaten findet Ihr in Euren grossen Salatschuesseln? 
From the People's Republic of Canada, with Love!

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