07 Aug - 11 Aug 2001 Cirò Marina

Mediterranean Sea
Southern Ionian Sea
Italian Republic
Cirò Marina
Fishing Harbour
SY "Kamu II" alongside.

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2001 Map

Meeting and being carefully interviewed immediately upon our arrival by Guiseppe, an Enduro-riding, polite young man of honour (clad in a black leather jacket with a crash helmet and a pair of Gucci sun-glasses) and being driven around by him in his Lancia car two days later through a maze of orchards and fields in the beautiful countryside and being introduced to papa and mama and all the many others of his famiglia in their castle (from the outside nondescript, with the most stylish and expensive interior), which was deeply hidden in the hills of Calabria.

Learning about the Thessalian hero Philoctetes who founded the small city Krimisa (where Cirò Marina is located today) on his way home from the Trojan War and who consecrated the arrows and quiver of Hercules in the temple of Apollo in Krimisa.

Visiting the 600-acre Librandi Vineyard +39096231518, located between the Ionian Sea and the Sila Mountains, and buying five boxes of incredibly rich and easy-going Cirò Rosso Classico DOC, made from 100% Gaglioppo, the most important native varietal from the Cirò Marina area, for L 1,900.- (DM 2.-) per bottle.