11 Aug - 13 Aug 2001 Crotone

Mediterranean Sea
Southern Ionian Sea
Italian Sea
Porto Vecchio
Yacht Club Lega Navale
SY "Kamu II" bow to the jetty, with permanent stern moorings.
L 35,000.- (DM 35.-) per night.

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2001 Map

Exploring the city of Crotone with her 16th-century CE castle of Charles V and discovering the Madonna di Capo Colonna, the icon of the Black Madonna, which was brought to Crotone from the East in the first years of Christianity in the 9th-century CE Cathedral.

Following the tracks of the famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras who emigrated from Aegean Samos in 532 BCE to Magna Graecia (where at the time the city of Crotone was one of the most flourishing cities) to escape the tyranny of Polycrates.