14 Aug - 16 Aug 2001 Roccella

Mediterranean Sea
Southern Ionian Sea
Italian Republic
Roccella Ionica
Porto Turistico
SY "Kamu II" stern to the jetty, finger pontoons.

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2001 Map

Feeling like Alice (in Wonderland) after we had entered this brand new, fully functioning, almost empty marina where we were allowed to berth totally free of charge (potable water and electricity included) for as long as we wanted, and shaking our heads at those Brussels-based eurocrats who had let their EC tax cattle pay for the construction of this purpose-built modern marina, yet had been unable to finalise the paperwork for the official opening.

Leaving Italy with our South-African registered ship at dusk for Malta without clearing-out of the European fortress, always keeping a sharp lookout for the distinctive green-white-red cutters of the Italian coast-guard and for the nondescript-grey and evil-looking speedboats of the infamous Guardia di Finanza.