23 Oct - 26 Oct 2002 Marsala

Central Mediterranean
Italian Republic
Sicilian Strait
Town Harbour
SY "Kamu II" alongside.

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2002 Map

Touring the historic cellars of the Donnafugata Winery +390923724200 in Marsala and tasting the genuine Marsala wine (Vergine e/o Soleras, aged at least five years), a fortified wine similar to port which originally was fortified with ethanol, to ensure that it would last long ocean voyages and whose invention is attributed to the English trader John Woodhouse who landed in 1773 CE at the port of Marsala and "discovered" the local wine produced in the region, which had been aged in wooden casks and tasted similar to Portuguese fortified wines then-popular in England.

Visiting the westernmost point of Sicily where Guiseppe Garibaldi and his One Thousand landed on 11 May 1860 CE, thus beginning his struggle for Italian independence (after he had married a Lombard noblewoman, Giuseppina Raimondi, on 24 January 1860 CE, whom he had left immediately after the wedding ceremony due to her infidelities).