08 Oct - 14 Oct 2002 S. Vito lo Capo

Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Italian Republic
San Vito lo Capo
Town Marina
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the pontoon.
€ 12.- per night.

Click below for a bird's-eye view of our marina berth:
N 38° 10.83' E 012° 43.99'

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2002 Map

Waiting for an improvement of the weather and spending some days on the pristine, unusual arc-shape beach of San Vito lo Capo right behind the town marina.

Exploring the town of San Vito lo Capo, famous for its couscous and strongly Arabic flavour and discovering the first examples of north-African architecture - cube-shaped white houses, clad in bougainvillea with flat roofs which double as rain catchers and for drying agricultural products.

Matt: Climbing the steep 425-m high Monte Cofano, the northernmost of a small mountain range, which has a large cross visible from the town marina below on its peak and looking around a quarrel where the famous Perlato marble of Sicily was mined, whose luminescence contrasts with the rough rocks.