03 Oct - 06 Oct 2002 Scopello

Mediterranean Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Italian Republic
Gulf of Castellamare
SY "Kamu II" at anchor (trusting an old tuna anchor as permanent mooring anchor) off the old tuna fishery.

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2002 Map

Exploring the old, ghostly and abandoned tuna fishery (tonnara di Scopello) that ceased operations in the 1980s, surrounded by rows of rusting anchors and old machinery.

DM Konni: Scubadiving with Cetaria Scopello Diving Centre +390924541177 and a gang of fellow diving beer-drinkers from the UK.

Visiting the ancient village of Scopello, climbing the red rock towers (faraglioni), relaxing over a few espressos and watching the days go by in this forlorn corner of rural Sicily.

Waking up at night to 35 knots of on-shore wind and realising that the old tuna anchor which we had used as mooring was dragging and that we were already only 20 m away from the rock cliffs with huge breaking waves, firing the diesel engine in an instant and motoring away from the cliffs with the old tuna anchor in tow for the first 50 m; so sorry, Vittorio and Elisa, that we changed the location of your mooring.