20 Aug - 24 Aug 2004 Çanakkale

Mediterranean Sea
Republic of Turkey
Town Marina
SY "Kamu II" with her stern to the yacht pier and with two permanent bow moorings.
TL 45 m (€ 25.-) per night.

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2004 Map

Buying a transit log for € 30.- (valid for one year) and getting a collection of clearance stamps for the Turkish Republic from a bunch of clowns: (i) the harbour master, (ii) the translog sales point, (iii) the harbour doctor, (iv) the passport police and being issued with a 90-day visit pass to Turkey on arrival, (v) the customs officer, (vi) the marina manager and (vii) the harbour master’s deputy; amounting to the total of one afternoon of Turkish real-life comedy and seven glasses of excellent Turkish tea; all seven glasses of tea and this slapstick entertainment were free of charge.

Matt: Touring the Gallipoli battlefields together with Turkish guide Ali Efe and South African sailing friends Anita, Tom, Karla and Dane, and pondering over the tragedy of past battles, especially at ANZAC beach where in early 1915 CE, in an attempt to seize the strategic advantage in the ongoing WWI, the British government authorised a suicidal attack on the peninsula in an attempt to seize Constantinople.

DM Konni: Scubadiving with Turkish diving buddy Ceyhan to an old German torpedo boat from WWI.

Refuelling with 170 litres of diesel fuel for TL 1.64 m (€ 0.91) per litre.