04 Aug - 05 Aug 2004 Chalkis

Mediterranean Sea
Hellenic Republic of Greece
South Harbour
SY "Kamu II" anchoring off.

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2004 Map

Commemorating Iphigenia who at Aulis had successfully sabotaged the departure of the Greek navy as they were preparing to sail for Troy.

Catching a Greek dinghi snatcher with his pants down who sat in our dinghi about 30 m off the beach, fighting him off with rocks and pebbles, hitting him hard, calling the port police for back-up and eventually getting our dinghi back.

Whitewater-rafting with SY "Kamu II" in complete darkness, thus rushing downstream the unpredictable 5-knot current from S to N through the infamous Chalkis swing bridge, the place where Aristotle flung himself into the channel because of his inability to explain this awesome tidal phenomenon.