18 Aug - 19 Aug 2004 O. Hefaistia

Mediterranean Sea
Aegean Sea
Hellenic Republic of Greece
Eastern Sporades
Nisos Limnos
Ormos Pournias
Ormos Hefaistia
SY "Kamu II" at anchor, off the beach.

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2004 Map

Passing the cave where Philoctetes (famed as an archer and an active participant in the Trojan War), the hero of Sophocles' play which we enjoyed at Epidaurus, supposedly cured his suppurating leg after a snake bite, and commemorating the East German postmodern dramatist-turned-dissident Heiner Müller who produced a successful adaptation of Sophocles' play in Munich in 1968 CE which became one of his most-performed plays.

Leaving Greece and Europe without clearing out.