13 Sep - 14 Sep 2004 Anit Limani

Mediterranean Sea
Republic of Turkey
Gelibolu Peninsula
Anit Limani
SY "Kamu II" anchoring off.

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2004 Map

Passing ancient Troy which, with over five thousand years of history, has been a fertile source of inspiration for bards and poets, and has gained immortality in the imagination of those who have read her story (or have watched the Hollywood movie, as we did in Kusadasi a few days later), and where from 1871 CE to 1873 CE Heinrich Schliemann, together with his young wife, Sofia Engastromanos, whom he had married for her supposed resemblance to Helen of Troy, laboured in often atrocious conditions on the mound of Hisarlik with their work force in search of Homer’s Troy, and where together they discovered in astonishing if not downright mysterious circumstances the wonderful gold hoard of the 3rd millennium BCE, deep down in what he thought was the city of King Priam.