23 Sep - 27 Sep 2004 Çeşme

Mediterranean Sea
Aegean Sea
Republic of Turkey
Aeolian Coast
Town Marina
SY "Kamu II" with her bow to the jetty and with two permanent stern moorings.
TL 30 m (€ 17.-) per night.

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2004 Map

Visiting the statue of Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha and his famous pet lion in front of Çeşme Castle and noticing the social and historical distinctions of the headstones (which had either stone turbans or stone fezzes on) in the Genoese fortress-turned-museum, that dominated the town centre of Çeşme.

Meeting German yotties Christiane and Hans on SY "Pipe" from Ueckermuende where we used to live in the 1980s.

Refuelling with 180 litres of diesel fuel for TL 1.62 m (€ 0.89) per litre from the fuel berth.